Beyond customer service

October 1, 2015 - 12:00am -- Living City

Beyond customer service
I called to make sure he was okay

I have worked for a large home improvement store for the past 17 years. There are several customers who come in routinely.

In addition to their shopping, they tend to share personal stories with me.

One customer had shared that his wife was suffering with dementia. He frequently shared how their lives were changing due to the disease. I assured him I would pray for her.

One day during a conversation, he relayed that the illness was progressing, and she had lost her ability to walk. He was at a loss as to how he would be able to transport her and had hoped not to have to purchase a wheelchair. I happened to have one at my house, so I offered it to him.

He later told me how helpful it was to him when having to take his wife to doctors’ appointments and other places.
One week I noticed Bill had not been in the store at all. I was concerned about him so called to make sure he was okay, and I asked if he needed help with anything. He explained his absence and later shared how much it meant to him that I had not only noticed his absence, but took the trouble to call.

He told me, “Nobody has ever called to check on me before. I can’t tell you how much that means to me.”
Reaching out to Bill not only made him feel good but made me feel good as well.

— C. C., Texas