March 2016 Articles Archive

So many ways to love

March 1, 2016 -- Living City

Children across the country and around the world learn the Gospel-based Art of Loving through the Cube of Love program. They put it into practice in the family and with friends. Here are a few ways that Caroline White, 7, of Dallas has tried to “be the first to love” at home.

Start bridge-building now

March 1, 2016 -- Living City

Only 1% of the U.S. population is Muslim, and according to a study by Pew Research, the vast majority of them are against violence. But the unknown is often scary, and American Muslims are facing discrimination and misunderstanding more than ever before. Terrorists who use religion to justify their criminal acts make things worse. How do regular Muslims respond to this challenge? And what can non-Muslims do to overcome these divisions?