Living City wins two 2015 Catholic Press Awards!

July 20, 2015 -- Living City

Living City wins two 2015 Catholic Press Awards!

We are honored, grateful and especially happy that the message of unity that we try to spread has been recognized. A special thank you to all our readers who support and encourage us on that path!

     Living City received an award for our April 2014 issue for “Best coverage of immigration” by Marilyn Boesch, Susanne Janssen and Lori Chesser.

    The CPA jury wrote: “These stories are captivating and relevant, and they put the human element front and center.”

     In the category “Best Explanation of Church’s Position on Marriage”, Living City got the third place for the articles in the July 2014 issue written by Michael and Julie James, Pietro Riccio, Sarah Mundell and Emilie Christy.

     “The perspective on diversity in these pieces is valuable. There is a clear call to action to those who wish to use their faith to create dialogue and build bridges,” commented the CPA.


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