Living City awarded five times by the CPA

June 30, 2017 -- Living City

Living City awarded five times by the CPA

We are honored and happy to share that Living City won 5 awards in this year’s choice of the Catholic Press Association of North America.

We thank all our readers who encourage us and who with their generous support make it possible to spread the message of unity, much needed in today’s society.

We received third place in the category “General excellence — National General Interest magazine.”

The judges wrote, “Some believe that the quantity of stories overcomes quality. Clearly the editors of Living City don’t believe that because this magazine offers both in equal portions. The issues are filled with pithy, interesting stories that offer depth, insight and variety.”

First place was awarded to Living City for “Best coverage of ecumenical/interfaith issues” for the articles Growing together, enriched by dialogue, Start bridge-building now, and A compass to guide our way," by Sarah Mundell, Susanne Janssen, David Shaheed and Jordan Denari.

“Fantastic pieces that tell compelling stories while making a statement on the larger issue of building bridges with those of other faiths,” the judges commented. “The authors do an excellent job of creating articles that spur readers to think deeply and open their hearts.”

The April interview What is work all about? with Andreas Widmer, Director of Entrepreneurship Programs at The Catholic University of America, by Susanne Janssen, received an Honorable Mention in the category “Best interview.”

And in the category “Best essay” both Amy Uelmen’s article Listening beyond the echo chamber in the November issue and Even being ‘anti’ can open up dialogue by Sarah Mundell, March issue, earned Honorable Mentions.