Living City honored with three CPA awards!

August 1, 2018 - 12:00am -- Living City

Living City honored with three CPA awards!

At this year’s Catholic Media Conference, held on June 13–15 in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Living City won third place in general excellence for national general interest magazines.

The judges wrote, “Great publication, both in scope and quality of editorial content. Creative and lively layout underscores essence and draws in reader. Breadth of topics offers big-picture and daily living perspective.”

First place in this category went to America magazine, second to U.S. Catholic.

In the category “Best personality profile: Religious leader,” Living City won third place for its profile on the late Cardinal Miroslav Vlk in the June issue, “The window-washing priest.”

The judge wrote, “It’s tough being a priest when you must be ordained in secret and then spend the next 10 years not listening to confessions but listening to the swish of your window-washing equipment. When Miroslav Vlk eventually was able to follow his chosen vocation, this well-written piece offers insights into how he saw being a laborer actually allowed him to serve others and prepared him to serve others as a priest, when he finally was allowed to openly practice his religion.”

An interview with Fr. Robert Dunn, struck at a young age with multiple sclerosis, “Life to the full,” got an honorable mention in the category, “Best interview.”

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