Chiara Lubich: Unity and Politics

March 2, 2015 - 12:00am -- Living City

Chiara Lubich: Unity and Politics
Making a world of difference

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March 12-15, 2015. On the seventh anniversary of Chiara Lubich’s death, the Focolare worldwide will promote a discussion of her political thought and the contribution of her charism to a renewal of politics.

For Chiara Lubich, politics was actually a vocation, “a personal calling that emerges from external circumstances and speaks through the conscience.” Answering to this vocation “is first and foremost an act of brotherhood: it acts in favor of something public, something concerning others, desiring the good of others as if it were one’s own.” Such an act, which creates the conditions for “an ongoing relationship with every sphere of life – economy, health, communication, art, justice administration, and so on – sets the conditions so that society can fulfill its purpose.”

The global event will include a variety of local events across the globe, all of which will highlight the ideals of Chiara Lubich’s charism as it relates to politics. There will be stories of personal change and involvement in public affairs, addressing problems from the local  to the national and international levels. It will be an opportunity to welcome with renewed awareness the “dream” that inspired the life and thought of Chiara Lubich: “universal brotherhood.”

In Italy, a meeting is scheduled on March 12, at the Parliament in Rome. In the morning, 300 young people of the Focolare from around the world will meet in the Italian Parliament for an open dialogue with politicians, scholars and representatives of international institutions. In the afternoon, an event titled “Chiara Lubich: Unity and Politics” will be held in the same hall.

In Canada: on March 13, a debate will be held at Glendon College of the York University of Toronto, titled: “Politics for Unity. Making a World of Difference.”

From March 13-15, at the headquarters of the European Council, in Strasbourg, there will be a seminar titled “Universal Brotherhood in Politics: investing in the cities.” Events will also be held in Brazil, Nairobi, Kenya, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Madrid, Spain, Budapest Hungary, Prague, Czech Republic and more.

An online map of events and further information can be found at:

To join the online discussion the hashtag is: #politics4unity

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