Cube Of Love - Love everyone

When you say, “I love my mother, my little brother, my father, but not my cousin,” this is not love. Neither is it love when at school you, “I love my teacher and my friend, but not that other girl.” This also is not true love. We do not become like Jesus in this way. We must love everyone.

One day at school, Kana’s teacher asked everybody to write down the name of a favorite classmate and a least liked classmate. It was like a survey. On her sheet of paper, Kana wrote, “I like all the kids in the class because God loves them all.” The teacher then she showed everyone the results. “My name was with those liked best,” said Kana, “but I was sad because one of my friends was on the list of those who were liked very little. I raised my hand and said, ‘Teacher, we can’t do this kind of thing!’ My friend began to clap, then more students clapped, and soon the whole class joined in. The teacher never gave us that kind of assignment again.” --Japan