Clone of Clone of Cube Of Love - We love one another

We should love one another as the first Christians did. They loved one another and were ready to die for the other. It may be difficult to give up our life for our neighbor, and we may never be asked to, but we can always forget about ourselves and love the others. We should love the other to the point that the other starts loving.

One day, Mark’s father was collecting stones and putting them into a big bucket. “What are you going to do with all those stones?” asked Mark. “I’ll use them for a path from the house to the big gate,” his father replied. “All the way to the gate? Then you need a lot!” Mark exclaimed. He was going back to play, when he realized his father needed help. He ran to get his small beach bucket and he, too, began to pick up stones. Soon his younger brother Bert appeared and asked what he was doing. “A big driveway!” said Mark. Bert started picking up pebbles, and taking them to his father. “Daddy,” said Mark, “it looks like Jesus tells his little children how to love, too!” --Australia