The lost and found phone

January 1, 2021 - 12:00am -- Living City

The lost and found phone
A powerful experience of collective prayer

I live with five other women in a Focolare household. We recently lived a strong experience together when three of us contracted Covid-19 and became sick with various symptoms. Since I was out of state at the time of the onset of the symptoms, upon returning I stayed at a separate apartment in order to assist from the “outside’. The primary way for the six of us to communicate with each other was with our cell phones.

One day, wanting to help, I offered to go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and vitamins. Unfortunately, my cell phone must have slipped from my purse, but I only realized this when I got back to the car and noticed that the Bluetooth didn’t turn on.

I looked all over for my phone, before going back to the pharmacy. The security guard and the clerk were both extremely helpful, but there was no phone to be found. Someone must have picked it up!

The clerk asked me if I had installed the “Find my phone” app, but since my technical skills are not the greatest, of course I hadn’t.

For sure I really needed the phone - and a sense of anxiety began to creep in. As I went back to the car before leaving to bring the medication to my housemates, I felt I needed to stop, ‘remain in love’ and reflect.

I told Jesus: “Okay. I am not going to worry about it. You are in charge — you know where my phone is, and you know if I need it or not. It’s not mine, it’s yours, Jesus.”

As I dropped off the medicine, standing six feet away from the doorstep, I told one focolarina about the situation, and we decided to embrace this suffering together. She texted many of our other friends about my lost phone and they began to pray that my phone be found.

I then left at peace and headed back to the apartment where I was staying.

Meanwhile, one of the sick focolarinas, in spite of her fatigue and Covid symptoms, decided to muster up the courage to call my cell number.

A man answered her call and asked who she was. She didn’t tell him but only said, “Hey, you have my friend’s phone!” There was silence and then he said, “Oh, I found it… where is your friend?”

She told him that her friend had gone to the pharmacy to buy some medicine for her and had lost her phone on this errand. He explained how he found the phone. She asked him if he could go back to the pharmacy and give it to the cashier.

And he did. He walked in, laid the phone on the counter and rushed out.

Maybe he was simply waiting for a phone call from the owner, or maybe he simply had a change of heart?

Since no one from our house could go and pick up my phone, they texted another friend, who went and picked it up. After a few hours, I had my cell phone in hand and was back online!

What remained in my heart, besides deep gratitude, is the strong conviction that collective prayer is absolutely powerful, and yes, Jesus is such a gentleman!

- M. K., California

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