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January 1, 2021 - 12:00am -- Living City

Save the Earth

I really liked 7-year-old Luce Camilli’s message in the Nov 2020 Living City. I am on board with the campaign, gradually I admit, to use fewer Ziploc bags.

My efforts so far have been to reuse my Ziploc bags whenever possible; it’s so easy to do especially for any dry things that you use them for. Just have to be mindful to save them for reuse. I hope to get to Luce’s family’s place to give them up for months! Amazing statistic that if we each use 5 less per year it means 1.5 billion less Ziploc garbage in the US.

Also, I wanted to add another small way where I’m trying to do my little part. I now really look closely at every plastic wrapper, bag, container etc. for the guidelines on the back... for store drop off, check local program, and so forth, so that I only put the things into recycling that belong there but not the things that don’t. My hope is to recycle as much as possible but where it can be best received and not hinder the efforts of the recycling organizations by bombarding them with wrong stuff that then ends up potentially in the wrong place.

Cheers to Luce, her father Stephen, and their family for raising our awareness. So many big things are possible when we work together in seemingly small ways to each do our part.

- Steve Schiltz Illinois

No inflammatory words...

Your articles are really embracing the suffering and challenges our society in North America has to face, mostly with the grace of the charism. This is so unusual in the

U. S. right now. There are no inflammatory words in the midst of this.

- Tom Gaudette