Our plan to help

November 1, 2019 - 12:00am -- Living City

Our plan to help

Children across the country and around the world learn the Gospel-based Art of Loving through the Cube of Love program. Here’s how Mary, a 5th grader, tried to “Be the first to love.”

One day our school was having a book fair at the library. My mom gave me money to buy books.

Then I heard that a girl from my class got caught stealing one of the books. Someone said that the girl probably didn’t have the money to buy books on her own, and that’s why she stole it.

I knew she really wasn’t a bad person. I felt sorry for the girl and wanted to do something for her, especially since she gets bullied. So I thought of a plan to help.

I asked my friend if we could put our money together so we could buy the book that the girl wanted. At first my friend didn’t want to do it, but I convinced her to do something nice for someone else.

We bought the book and gave it to the girl. The girl’s eyes lit up when she saw the book, and right away she began to read it. She thanked us and said that she learned her lesson and she will never steal again.

- Mary, 11 years old

 There’s more about the Cube of Love program at: cubeoflove.org