Seeing Jesus in need

February 1, 2022 - 12:00am -- Living City

Seeing Jesus in need

Young adults take action to help the homeless

After reading a book about Mother Teresa and how she lived out the works of mercy, I was inspired to take action. 

I proposed an idea to the other young adults who share the spirituality of unity with me. They thought, too, that this holiday season was a great opportunity to serve our community. 

Our idea was to create and give out care packages for the homeless in downtown Toronto. We all put some of our own money aside and were able to collect enough materials and essentials to create these care packages. 

On the big day, we were 10 young people travelling downtown to the least appealing neighborhood of the city to live out this experience. In an assembly line style, we packed up lunches, apples, water bottles, tissues, socks, hats and more into reusable bags. We went out on the streets in groups and distributed the care packages. 

Although we saw and smelt many ugly things, the most beautiful was to see young people approach those in society that are often ignored or hidden away. 

One young woman said to me that if it weren’t for this experience, she would have never stopped to notice the homeless. She would have never gotten that close — close enough to look at them in the eyes and see Jesus in need. 

In less than an hour, we successfully handed out all of our packages and celebrated with a pizza lunch. It’s so beautiful how a small idea can mean so much. 

Dalila D’Andrea, Toronto