Cube of Love products

Sports Cube |

US $10.00
The Healthcare Cube |

A tool to change the atmosphere in your work environment.
Toss it every morning and try to put the phrase that comes up into practice.

US $10.00
Cube of Love - Teacher's Kit | A teacher’s kit includes the Cube of Love book and an instructional guide, with detachable inscribed cube, for use in elementary and middle schools. US $19.95
El dado del Arte de Amar (Español) |

US $6.00
Educational Guide on the Cube of Love | Changing the world … one classroom at a time US $9.95
, , Earth Cube |

US $4.00
Puzzle cube of love - I |

US $6.95
Book on The Cube of Love | Discovering life with God through children. An illustrated book with a collection of real-life experiences recounted by or about children ages US $12.95
The Cube of Love / El dado del Amor (English/Spanish) |

ENG - This special cube helps us learn the Art of Loving. On each side of the cube you’ll find one point of this Art.

US $6.00
Puzzle cube of love - II |

US $6.95