He called me senile!

October 1, 2016 - 12:00am -- Living City

He called me senile!
I was angry at that arrogant young police officer

The flashing red lights caused me to pull over for what I assumed was the police going to a call. Instead, the police car stopped in front of mine, and an officer asked for my license. The officer then proceeded to shout at me, saying that perhaps I was too old, or maybe I was senile and should not be driving a car! I did not know how to respond so I kept quiet.

The cop then told me that I had crossed over a double line to pass a truck that was blocking the road. Many cars do this every day on this narrow road that has busy stores. Again I felt it was best to be quiet and respectful with this arrogant young police officer. Additionally the officer made a mistake in the summons, which resulted in a big fine and a steep increase in my insurance.

I was angry. I was determined to get justice and somehow put this cop in his place for his insolent manner. From within, I felt that God was reminding me, “Be the first to forgive,” but I could not forgive. I was so mad that for a while I avoided driving in that part of town. However I asked God for grace to see this policeman with new eyes.

It was not easy, because I felt like I had the right to be angry. However, I began to realize that in the universe of injustice, this was a minor incident. How many people are the victims of terrible injustice? Jesus had also been an innocent victim, and yet he overcame that betrayal by forgiving those who put him on the cross. If he could, then I too could forgive.

I got the strength to do so and finally found peace.

— Jim Smith, New Jersey


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