Inspired by children

February 1, 2019 - 12:00am -- Living City

Inspired by children
Children across the country and around the world learn the Gospel-based Art of Loving through the Cube of Love program.

Here’s how a group from the Bronx, New York, tried to “Share the other’s joy or hurt.”

Gina and Celine (7); Erin, Valentina and Cloe (8); and Aiden, Gianluca and Lessia (5) were together in a children’s meeting when they saw pictures of the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas, followed by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Two children immediately removed their shoes and socks, so that they could share them with the children they saw escaping the floods.

When they got home, they began choosing their best toys to share. One mother said that it might be good to give away the more-used toys.

Gianluca replied, “But Mom, we can’t give old toys to Jesus.”

Cloe wrote this note on a heart-shaped paper, attached to her favorite stuffed dolphin: “It’s a big detachment. Please enjoy. His name is Glitter.”

With the toys, they sent a video clip of them telling the children of Houston, “There’s a surprise for you!”

Inspired by their children, the parents organized a fundraising dinner, and they were able to send $600 to the victims of the disaster in Puerto Rico.

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