Rays - Short Reflections on Living God's Will


An unabridged version of Rays - Short Reflections on Living God's Will (New City Press 2011) with musical accompaniment.

Each of us has a ray that burst forth from the Father's heart when he spoke our name with the word Love. If we follow this ray, which is his will for us, what he lovingly desired, and continues in each moment to desire for us, we will become what we are in mind of God from all eternity. It's a matter of corresponding to his will, adhering to it, moment by moment, until the day when it will literally lead us back to the sun, to the Father... Chiara notes how the rays draw nearer to each other until they become one in the sun. As we do the will of God, we will become closer and closer to each other, until we are all one in the sun, in God. (From the Foreword)

Run time: 65minutes

Price: US $9.95