Mission Statement

The mission of Living City is to inspire readers in making a positive impact in their lives and on those around them.
Through its news and stories, the magazine encourages and enables people to improve relationships and engage in dialogue wherever they are: in business or schools, in their families, neighborhoods and faith communities.
It leads readers to deepen and better understand the faith or values that guide their lives, providing a forum for all those who share the ideals of peace, justice, freedom and truth.

Living City has its roots in the Focolare, a lay ecclesial movement, founded in Trent, Italy, in 1943, and now present in 182 nations. Its goal is to build unity in diversity for the benefit of humanity, based on Jesus' prayer: “That they may all be one” (Jn 17:21).

Since 1967, Living City publishes a monthly magazine; a monthly leaflet with commentary on how to put into practice a sentence from the Gospel; an occasional cultural publication, New Humanity Review; illustrated books with real-life stories to pass on Christian values to children; and it is the publisher of the Cube of Love and Cube of Peace educational program material.
Living City is a member of the Catholic Press Association, of the Associated Church Press and of the Paulist Press Unified Magazine Program. It is a multiple winner of CPA awards, the Egan Awards for Journalistic Excellence and the Knights of Columbus McGivney Award.