New Humanity Review - Periodical


New Humanity Review is a publication of Living City of the Focolare Movement. The articles are authored by Focolare founder and president Chiara Lubich and by the members of the Abba School, the Focolare Interdisciplinary Study Center.

Published issues:

Issue Contents

Chiara Lubich: The resurrection of Rome
Giuseppe M. Zanghi: A few notes on Jesus Forsaken

2 Chiara Lubich: Spiritual writing
Giuseppe M. Zanghi: The mystery of God One in the light of the charism of unity
3 Chiara Lubich: For a philosophy that stems from Christ
Marisa Cerini: The reality of Mary in Chiara Lubich - Mariological perspectives
4 Chiara Lubich: To embark on a common journey–address to a Jewish community
Hubertus Blaumeiser: Forever towards disunity – Reflections on hell
5 Chiara Lubich: A doctorate in education –Acceptance speech at The Catholic University of America in Washington , D.C. Responses by Dr. Peter Casarella and Dr. David L. Schindler
6 Chiara Lubich: Four essential aspects of the Economy of Communion
Fr. Pascal Foresi: Prayer
7 Chiara Lubich: Mary and the Focolare Movement
Fr. Pascal Foresi: The stages of spiritual life from the perspective of unity
8 Chiara Lubich: Mary, a Model for Communicators
Joan P. Back: Mary in the Focolare Movement – some emergings ecumenical insights
9 Chiara Lubich: The Spirituality of Unity and Trinitarian Life
Judith M. Povilus: The mathematical concept of “infinity” as it relates to some of Chiara Lubich’s writings.
10 Chiara Lubich: Union with God
Fr. Pascal Foresi: God who is Love, and Prayer
11 Chiara Lubich: Can Religions be Partners in Peace Building?
Fr. Pascal Foresi: Jesus' Prayer for Unity
12 Chiara Lubich: Seeds of a New People (Unesco Prize for Peace Education)
Dr. Joseph Sievers: Jewish and Christian Spiritualities (Experiences of Interreligious Dialogue)
13 Chiara Lubich: The Spirituality of Unity and its Contribution to Psychology
Fr. Pascal Foresi: The Coming of Jesus and Sickness
14 Chiara Lubich: Jesus in our midst: to make visible the presence of the risen Lord in the Church
Fr. Pascal Foresi: Jesus in the Midst
Joan Patricia Back: Spirituality of reconcilitation
15 Chiara Lubich: "Paradise 1949"
Piero Coda: The experience and understanding of the faith in God-Trinity from Saint Augustine to Chiara Lubich
Judith Povilus: The "mystery" of the continuum in mathematics and beyond Reflections in the light of the charism of Chiara Lubich


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