Offering my hurt

February 27, 2015 - 5:07am -- Living City

Offering my hurt
How to transform emotional upsets

By David Peterson, Texas

Once I was scheduled to leave on a two-week trip. A few days beforehand, my wife began to show her dismay about it. She had been supportive so far, so I immediately became upset and really felt betrayed. I walked away with the intention to withdraw for a while to deal with my hurt feelings. Going down the hall, I suddenly thought, “What am I doing? How am I living this spirituality which asks me to lose so I can love?” I quickly turned around, came back and sat down next to her. With my full attention, I listened to my wife’s concerns for as long as it took.

Soon I was able to understand her fears about my being away. She was worried about having the full responsibility of the family on her shoulders. Once she had fully shared all her worries, she relaxed because she knew I had really understood. We both felt such peace, and the trip was no longer a concern.

From this experience I learned that I could offer my negative feelings to Jesus in his abandonment. I found that when I did so, I was free again to love, and this has given me the courage to not walk away from other difficult encounters. Nearly every moment has its cross: some tiny, some great. Sometimes my sufferings are physical, but many of my sufferings come from small irks and emotional upsets.

Recently I had a friend of many years say something in such a way that it hurt me very much. Although I didn’t say anything back at the time, my first thought was to simply try to avoid him in the future.

After some thought, I realized that I had to make a clear choice, either to continue to suffer with these bad feelings or give them fully and entirely to Jesus Forsaken, knowing he is carrying this cross with me. Of course, once I saw this choice, it was easy to make. So I offered my hurt feelings to Jesus.

Not only did I feel lifted up, but I felt full of God’s love. The next day when I met this friend, I was very happy, and I suspect we both felt God’s love as we visited.