Overcoming my shyness

April 1, 2018 -- Living City

Overcoming my shyness
I felt I had to offer my comfortable chair

Every month I have to go to the hospital for a simple injection. I decided this time to go, renewing my choice to love every neighbor I would encounter.

Entering the elevator, I saw a lady in a wheelchair. She entered but couldn’t turn herself around to press the button. So I asked her which floor, and it was the same as mine. When we reached it, I held the door and patiently waited for her to maneuver herself out. 

In the waiting room, I settled in a comfortable couch, propping my feet up, ready to read. But I saw another lady on my right in a wheelchair, slouched so low I thought she might fall. I saw her son sitting beside her, sound asleep. 

I broke the silence, making a comment to the lady on my left about those nice chairs, and the man woke up. He saw his mother in pain. Overcoming my shyness, I got up to offer my chair for her.

He said he was going to lay her down instead on the couch. As he lifted her, I moved the wheelchair out of the way. I saw the sunlight was going to hit her face so we put her head the other way. The woman smiled at her son, and he took my chair.

I found another seat — not as comfortable — but a glance from the other lady smiling straight at me told me she was happy to see that simple gesture of love in the middle of a busy waiting room. I was, too.

— C. C., Houston


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