Paradise '49

To paradise and back Part 5

December 1, 2019 -- Living City

Focolare founder Chiara Lubich experienced something extraordinary during the summer of 1949. Living City is featuring a series by the Italian theologian Fr. Fabio Ciardi, OMI, who explains the meaning and impact of her writings about “Paradise ‘49.” Part 5 features the Mother of God: a new understanding of Mary, all clothed in the Word of God.

To paradise and back Part 4

November 1, 2019 -- Living City

The origins of Paradise ’49: beyond a spiritual experience, a rich text and teaching. Communicating her insights and experiences with Igino Giordani and the first focolarine, Focolare founder Chiara Lubich’s inspirations contained the basis of a new theological direction. Today, a think tank called the “Abba School” continues to study the ramifications.

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