youth life

Family Dynamic

October 1, 2007 -- Living City

"Every contact with my father was frustrating. It seemed as though he didn’t care about what I was doing, and when he did, I felt like he didn’t understand me." Building bridges between generations takes a first step.

Finding Peace

February 1, 2007 -- Living City

Here is a story about Alex Carroll, a 12-year-old boy from Boston, who shared his experience about finding peace during a very sad moment in his life. Like him, I would also like to make an effort to live the present moment well at all times.

Peace Is Possible

July 1, 2006 -- Living City

From the various real-life experiences I regularly receive it’s clear that choosing to live for a united world is a radical concept to many. I also see that love can conquer anything and anyone. Rachel Miller of Indiana reflecting on this theme:


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