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Keep On Loving

April 1, 2006 -- Living City

A while back, Mauree Whalen, a college student from The Catholic University, shared how she goes against the trend in today’s materialistic society. She recently shared about her relationship with her long-term boyfriend (and now husband), Jason.

Keep on Loving

February 1, 2006 -- Living City

At times I get caught up in trying to accomplish big goals and big aspirations, and I forget to try and live out the  Gospel in  every moment.  Some friends of mine shared with me very beautiful experiences that helped me realize this.

New Year, New Page

January 1, 2005 -- Living City

January is a time when I can really “start over”. New Year Resolutions to follow, I thought a great New Years resolution: to try to get some of my friends, who still do not know about my desire to live for unity, involved in loving others too.


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