Yearning for the good old days?Finding a place for the Church in the world“We bring you good news of great joy”Perfect, even when it didn’t feel perfect

Yearning for the good old days?

Was everything better in the past? A priest recalls his pre-Vatican experience in the Catholic Church

Finding a place for the Church in the world

Remembering Vatican II and its call for renewal

“We bring you good news of great joy”

Getting ready for the true meaning of the holiday: A reflection inspired by St. Oscar Romero’s final Christmas homily

Perfect, even when it didn’t feel perfect

How a move to an unwanted destination brought the author new, unexpected possibilities


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Work in progress

What the Second Vatican Council has to tell us today

Liturgical reform was the most visible outcome of Vatican II. But it would be a mistake to reduce the Council’s importance to that one aspect. As Saint John Paul II wrote in his 1994 apostolic letter Tertio millennio adveniente, “it was a Council similar to earlier ones, yet very different; it was a Council focused on the mystery of Christ and his Church and at the same time open to the world.” With this issue, we wish to mark the 60th anniversary of the Council’s first session and to renew our ongoing commitment to living out its vision of the Church. It’s time to take a closer look and see what Vatican II really tells us about living out our faith in a timely, committed manner.

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