Melting that heart of stoneLife to the fullWhen healthy is surprisingly goodIncluding God in my decision

Melting that heart of stone

How a teacher deals with a student’s anger in school

Life to the full

A priest in the Bronx faces life with MS

When healthy is surprisingly good

Low cholesterol but yummy? Here’s an alternate version of tiramisu to try for your friends

Including God in my decision

A stranger on the beach gave her unexpected words of wisdom


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Taming the anger
Respond with love, channel it for change

When was the last time you were really angry? Some might have to go way back in their past; others just this morning, depending on character or circumstances. Researchers have found that anger is the emotion that is most contagious on social media, more than joy or sadness. Unlike frustration, anger causes us to strike back when we feel diminished, to pursue righting a wrong, sometimes with violence. What can be an antidote? Some of our contributors shared how to embrace anger in themselves and others, and how channeling it in a constructive way can give rise to positive change.

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How to deal with students’ anger in school

A priest faces his demobilizing illness

An unlikely stranger gave words of wisdom

An alternate version of tiramisu to try for your friends