The many faces of povertyFrom sole to soulBeyond expectationsThat effort to reach out

The many faces of poverty

Poverty can be economic or spiritual — some people share how they face in their personal lives and how to alleviate it

From sole to soul

A child’s eye view of poverty at an encounter with the poor at a very young age

Beyond expectations

Family outing or staying home? A mother and her son share about an episode where they disagreed on how to spend a free afternoon

That effort to reach out

She seemed shut off in her own world, but then I recognized her as a lady of my own parish


Current Issue

Poverty’s many faces
How can we stay open to those in need?

While statistics can show general trends on poverty it cannot express the effects that poverty has on the lives and souls of those experiencing it. A humble life, freely chosen, can be a blessing, but comparing what you lack to the abundance of others can create feelings of exclusion and worthlessness. Other kinds of poverty are sometimes invisible: loneliness, rejection, unstable family lives for children, loss of hope — the sufferings that come from the broken relationships in our society. Perhaps what’s called for is poverty in spirit, to be open and make space to take in and address the sufferings of those around us, whatever they may be.

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There’s always been a special place in spirituality for the poor — Jesus himself “became poor” (2 Cor 8:9). Poverty can be economic or spiritual. Here some people share how they face and alleviate it

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She seemed shut off in her own world

A child’s eye view of poverty