Educational Guide on the Cube of Love

Changing the world … one classroom at a time How can we inspire students to put the Gospel into practice in the 21st Century? Explore the six points of the Cube of Love and how children, in their excitement and spontaneity, make their relationship with God and with others evermore personal and dynamic. The Educational Guide includes: • An introduction to the Cube of Love Program • Reflections by the program’s creator • An overview of the program • Goals, anticipated outcomes and measurements of success • Strategies • Points of the Gospel-based “Art of Loving” • Comments from users of the program • Suggested prayers related to the points lived each day • Templates for worksheets: Mountable black-and-white cube of love, Good News Stories, My Piece for Peace, Bookmarks, Score Card • Reference sources • Order forms 24-page instructional guide (8” x 11”)
Price: US $9.95