Cube Of Love - Love Jesus in the other

We must love Jesus in everyone, even in the one who is not good looking, even in the one who is not well-dressed, even in that person who is annoying, even in that person who we can’t stand. We must love Jesus, because Jesus said that whatever we do to the others, “You did for me” (see Mt 25:40).

“One day,” Uche from Nigeria told us,” I was very hungry, and I went into a bakery to buy some rolls. As I left the store, I saw three very thin children and they looked hungry and sad. ‘If I give them some of my rolls, I’ll still be hungry,’ I thought. The voice of Jesus persisted inside me and said, “Give them everything!’ So that’s what I did. I was still very hungry, but my heart was full of joy. I felt Jesus was telling me, ‘Thank you!’” --Nigeria