Cube Of Love - Share the other's joy or hurt

To share the other’s joy or hurt means to love as if you were in the other person’s place. If you see someone suffering, imagine yourself in the same situation and sun to console him or her. If you see someone happy, be happy and share in the other’s joy. This is making yourself one with your neighbor. Francine and Marie were playing in front of their house. An old lady, who seemed a little disoriented walked past them and suddenly fell. Two well-dressed ladies passed by, but they kept on walking. “That old lady is Jesus,”

Francine said. “Let’s go help her!” “No, I don’t want to,” Marie answered. Francine went by herself and tried to get the lady up, but she couldn’t do it. Marie decided to go and help Francine with the old lady, but they still couldn’t do it. They sat down on the curb next to the lady. A policeman came up to them and asked if anything was wrong. Francine explained what happened and the office gave them a hand. “Only you, Jesus, could have helped us,” thought Francine. --France