Going out to love

March 1, 2021 - 12:00am -- Living City

Going out to love
How to keep warm in the unexpected Texan cold

I live by myself. But during the winter storm with temperatures in the 20s, I experienced being loved in many beautiful ways, which gave me the strength to trust and love back. I went to the car early one morning to charge my phone and look for messages regarding my hotel inquiries. My limbs were hurting and numb with the prolonged cold. I decided to share this discomfort with Jesus while driving. That was when I realized I was looking to be loved, and I decided to convert. I would now go out to love, and every call will be not to ask but to love and listen.

A friend had offered to cover my expenses for a brief hotel stay, but I told her, “Thanks but let’s see how the day evolves.” Others opened their home to me, so I was able to take a hot shower and have a hot meal. I even came home with two thermoses filled with hot water. As I entered the driveway, a neighbor who was also helping me search for a hotel nearby, informed me that none were available. I shared one of my thermoses with her. Soon after, another neighbor offered me a delicious meal she had cooked for me. I gave the pot back with cookies I was so happy to have baked when we still had power. Then energy came back. And my apartment was warm again. Fear not, trust in God!

- Vera, Houston, TX.

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