A special concert

August 1, 2019 -- Living City

A special concert
The preparation took more time than I thought

When I moved back to New York State six months ago, I made it a point to try to deepen my new and old relationships with those living here.

One day, while speaking with my neighbor Diane, she mentioned that she worked at a nearby nursing home. An idea came to my mind, and so I asked her if there might be an opportunity for me to go and play the accordion for the elderly. She was enthusiastic about the idea, and so the following week, I was on the calendar to go and entertain for an hour.

As I began to practice and prepare, I realized that it was more work than I had anticipated, but I reminded myself that I was doing it for Jesus in the residents. I also wanted to use this opportunity to build a stronger unity with my neighbor.

The day came and the one-hour presentation flew by! The atmosphere was truly special and I felt a strong bond being created among all of us. More astonishing than that was to see the people transformed and completely engaged! Some were even moved to tears.

Joan, an elderly Irish woman, commented afterwards: “I loved your music, but your repertoire could use a few fewer Italian songs and a few more Irish ones!”

I thanked her for her good advice, and I have since been working on a few Irish tunes for a possible future visit. There were a number of people who could not attend because of their health, so Diane and I visited them in their rooms and spent some time with them. And from what I heard they still remember that moment as something special.

Personally, seeing how much Diane cares for the residents gave me a greater appreciation for her work. My new friends enjoyed my music so much that they’ve already invited me back to play for their Mardi Gras Party!

Nick Cianfarani, New York


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