Dreams, fears, goals, faith

May 1, 2018 - 12:00am -- Living City

Dreams, fears, goals, faith
What young people today share about their lives (open version)

“At least in the U.S., these past few decades have marked the first time young people are growing up in a truly post-Christian culture. Consequently, for the first time it takes an active force, something set apart, something meaningful and something visibly divine, for young people to stay in the currently counter-cultural Christian faith. Yet, in my estimation, older people have completely failed in trying to entice young people by making the Church appear more like the broader secular culture.”

Sean Farrell, medical student, Pennsylvania.


“Faith plays an important role in my life because it was a large part of my upbringing. What you absorb as a child has a significant effect on people as adults, so how I treat others today is definitely related to the Catholic beliefs I was taught.

I largely struggle with faith and Catholicism, because certain components don’t match with strong beliefs that I have today, such as the Church’s views on issues like homosexuality and women’s rights. I also struggle with faith because I can be a bit skeptical at times and feel resistance towards believing in something that I can’t rationalize…”

Lexy Catipon, media student, California


“My hope and wish for the future is to be happy, to help others and live a life worth living. A life of purpose. On a larger scale, I wish humanity would find its sense of self. I believe that the majority of people, myself included, have lost their sense of purpose, or perhaps never had one. That said, for myself, I look externally for refuge best sought within. I would like each individual to discover their sense of self.”

Daniel J., entrepreneur, New York


“I want to live in a world where our leaders are moral people whom we can admire, and trust will protect us and fight for the greater good of society. I want to live in a society where I do not have to worry if politicians and leaders are corrupt. I want to live in a society where institutions are not broken, and people have easy access to shelter, healthcare and education. I want to live in a peaceful society, without poverty and without war.”

Samantha H., nurse, New York


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