I saw he was sad

December 1, 2019 - 12:00am -- Living City

I saw he was sad

How Giada Paras, 6, from California put into practice “share the other’s hurt or joy”

Children across the country and around the world learn the Gospel-based Art of Loving through the Cube of Love program. Here’s how Giada Paras, 6, from Los Angeles, California, put into practice “share the other’s hurt or joy.”

Sometimes, when we run errands on the weekends, we take turns going into the grocery store. Either Mommy or Daddy stays in the car with one of us kids, and the others go in. This time it was my turn to go with Daddy. 

My brother Jasper was upset and wanted to go with Daddy instead. I saw how sad Jasper was, so I said to him that I would give up my turn this time so that he could go instead. Once Mommy and I were alone in the car, I told her, “Mommy, I wanted to do an act of love for Jasper because I saw that he was sad.”

- Giada Paras, California

 There’s more about the Cube of Love program at: cubeoflove.org