Not just any buyer

October 24, 2018 - 5:51pm -- Living City

Not just any buyer
Selling an old couch became an occasion to help someone recreate her home

My household wanted to sell an old couch using one of those smartphone apps, and since I’m new at it, I posted the listing in three different places — not the best idea. As people began to show interest, we got excited, but soon realized it was hard to keep track of the order of requests to see it.

One couple came to look but decided not to take the couch. Others were texting to make appointments, but it was getting confusing. Eventually we told everyone: first come — first serve. People often change their minds in these sell-by-owner arrangements, and we wanted to make sure we sold the couch.

The first person who had contacted us wrote back: she really, really wanted that couch but couldn’t come until a few days later. She had just moved to our state and was starting over, had spent everything on the move and wouldn’t get paid until a few days later.

At that moment we felt that Jesus was telling us, “It’s me in her who needs this couch.” It seemed clear who should get it. But what if she didn’t want it when she saw it? What if by waiting for her, we were passing up other buyers who would have bought it?

We decided to send her a close-up picture of where there was some damage on the fabric, so she wouldn’t be surprised. “I still want it!” she texted back.

Some people had already made appointments to come see the couch in that same hour, so we felt that we’d have to let them have it if they came in person. So we said: “Jesus, if you want her to have the couch, make them not come.”

No one showed up. With joy I let this lady know, and then marked the couch sold on all three apps. We were all super happy with the arrangement!

But it didn’t end there. The next morning as I left the house for Mass, I saw our neighbor had put out some nice wooden bar stools and a desk next to his trash can at the end of the driveway on garbage day. The lady came to my mind: perhaps she could use these things too?

When I came back, I went to look at them, a little embarrassed I was taking something from someone’s trash. But love for Jesus in this person pushed that feeling away. I sent her a picture of the items and offered to hold them until she could come, if she wanted them. She wanted everything! And she couldn’t believe it because she had been wanting barstools for her kitchen!

It felt like the Eternal Father had orchestrated the circumstances to get these things to her and just needed willing hands to get the job done. Even before we met, we were no longer strangers.

— S. M., Georgia


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